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Statement of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine in View of the Shelling of Kramatorsk by Terrorists

10 febrero 2015, 20:30

On February 10, Russia-controlled terrorists committed another bloody crime. As a result of shelling of the city of Kramatorsk with multiple launch rocket systems, conducted by them, at least 12 citizens died and 64 more, including 8 children, were wounded. We express our sincere condolences to the families of the deceased, and hope that everyone wounded will get better soon.

Much to our regret, the terrorists’ actions demonstrate their attempts to expand the territory of military conflict against the background of activation of efforts by Ukraine and the international community to ensure complete ceasefire and implement the Minsk Accords.

This cannot be called otherwise but a purposeful massacre of civilian population of the city, the residents of which have never wanted and do not want to have anything in common with terrorist groups. It is telling that the provocation took place already traditionally in a moment when a fragile hope emerged to achieve agreement to regulate the situation and establish sustainable peace in Donbas.

No one should have any doubts that those responsible for that and other massacres of civilians shall be brought to responsibility.

We reiterate that it is the Russian Federation that is responsible for all crimes of illegal armed formations in Donbas, carried out by Russian weapons and with participation of Russian citizens.

We demand from Russia immediate cessation of support of terrorist groups in Donetsk and Luhansk Oblasts, and withdrawal of all its armaments, heavy equipment and servicemen from the Ukrainian territory, as provided for by the Minsk Accords.

We expect that the crime, its perpetrators and those behind will be decisively condemned by the international community.